General English

Tutor ID5438
Nationality British
Gender Female
Age 41-45 Years
Job TypePart time job only
SpecializeSecondary students,Adult students
Location Shatin
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Self Introduction

I like to be known as Caz. I love to help and encourage my students to learn and grow in confidence.  I am approachable and friendly! I have many years experience of teaching English part time to all age groups.  I enjoy learning languages (Cantonese, Cebuano and Hindi) which I think helps me to be a good tutor. I believe that the easiest way to learn is not just through formal study but through personal interaction and plenty of opportunities to listen and speak.  I use my own adult phonics materials and have experience teaching phonics at kindergarten level. I am registered as a Cambridge English Teacher and am currently taking some of their short courses.  I like to use their resources as well as my own materials.


I can help with reading, listening, pronunciation, social chit chat, oral, phonics, business English, general and creative writing and vocabulary building.


My experience: Freelance tutor, voluntary teaching with adults, children and teens in various countries and teaching illiterate adult learners.