General English, English Literature

Tutor ID5487
Nationality American
Gender Female
Age 19-25 Years
Job TypePart time job or full time job
SpecializeKindergarten students,Primary students,Secondary students,Adult students
Location Wan Chai
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Self Introduction


I am Chinese American with over two years experience in private tutoring. I have degrees in Psychology and Communications. I feel that teaching is an area that I can thrive in. This is because I am most happy and fulfilled when I can help people grow and develop not only academically, but also on a personal level as well. As I have lived in Hong Kong society, I understand how important education is to parents and children. I believe a great education is what determines character and moral fibre in a person. I hope to have a job where I can contribute to a student's academic fortune. It makes me incredibly happy to see a young student succeed and revel in accomplishments. 

I want to work in an environment where I can be myself. I am friendly, talkative, patient, and eager to meet new people and establish friendships.

I grew up partly in Los Angeles and in Hong Kong. I attended private boarding school while in the US. Because of this I am independent and self-motivated. In Hong Kong I attended Kiangsu and Chekiang International school.

I am driven to seize any opportunity that may help me learn about the education field. 


Thank you for your consideration.