John F.

General English, Business English, English Literature

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Nationality British
Gender Male
Age Years
Job TypePart time job or full time job
SpecializeNo preference
Location Quarry Bay
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Self Introduction

John 是英國人, 來港20多年,豐富教學經驗。

小至3歲,大至上市公司老闆, 都是他的學生。








國際學校升學文件,大學升學文件,移民申請文件,也是John 的專長。



John 也是拍攝及編輯video 的高手,他的作品,幫助很多小朋友進入他們心儀的學校



John 是西方古書/古文的收藏家,他有3000多件100-200年前的西方古書






John works diligently to assist HKDSE and IB students to continuously improve their English grades. He is also an enthusiastic, lively, and humorous English tutor for younger children.



Working with adult professionals, drafting, editing, and correcting business English for them, via actual meetings, WhatsApp, or email - constitutes a major part of John's work. He works with clients who need to both speak and write grammatically correct written English for their jobs and for their businesses. He edits their messages, emails, reports, contracts, tender documents, marketing copy, social media copy, website content, etc. 


John guarantees full privacy and confidentiality. If required, he will sign non-disclosure agreements. His long-term clients are Hong Kong adults who have been promoted to company roles which demand high levels of English fluency. He currently works with local directors of both US and HK listed companies, qualified lawyers, bank executives, engineers, HR professionals, marketing professionals - all in absolute secrecy. His inputs help them to please their bosses and achieve promotions. 



Another service John offers is assistance to people who are applying for the UK's 'Innovator visa', and for similar immigration programs of other countries. All require a huge number of written submissions, and prolonged correspondence with the sponsoring bodies.



Since CNY 2020, John has experienced increased demand from university and college students whose classes are cancelled, and who are being given online written projects, online progress tests, and even online exams. He sits next to them and gives input. This increases their understanding, and also earns them additional marks and higher grades. 



He is experienced in teaching youngsters on the autistic spectrum & with Asperger's syndrome.



John is experiencing strong demand for assistance with making videos. Some clients need help writing and editing storyboards, scripts, and composing subtitles. Some clients want help with all aspects of video production - even with promotion once videos are completed. The videos are needed for diverse reasons - some recent examples: kindergarten applications, crowd-funding projects, Patreon content, company promotion.



With all of his students and adult clients, John strives to build a respect and love for words, and especially to build a strong desire to enlarge their English vocabularies, & to improve their fluency in English 


He works hard to achieve the intellectual growth of each student. He motivates students so that their English learning becomes an enjoyable part of lives. He is an adept communicator with both students and with their parents.


He travels to students' homes to tutor.


He has an office close to Chai Wan MTR Station where he can tutor.



In his free time John 'lives in the 1890s' working with a collection of approximately 3000 historical books and journals related to humanitarianism and related causes.