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John is a British teacher and has been teaching in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. He is very knowledgeable and you can chat about any topic with him. He has travelled to many countries and knows different cultures. He is a passionate antique books collector and has more than 3000 antique books in his Chai Wan warehouse.


 John英國人, 來港20多年,豐富教學經驗。



他教專業人士, 也教小朋友

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(學生一/Student 1)

Helping adults to build their network of contacts. Writing their LinkedIn profiles and regularly providing them with content to post.
3 weeks ago, I started work on promoting a LinkedIn account for an insurance company branch manager.
Linkedin membership was paid for in the last week of November ~HK$ 400 per month
Then: 11 followers
Today: 798 followers and 1 post almost every day
The individual will use Linkedin to become more prominent in his industry -- and to meet new potential customers and business associates.
I expect to add 500 followers each month.
His target audience is Hong Kong adult professionals.

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(學生二/Student 2)
Working with college and university students. Helping them to understand their course content more deeply. Helping them to improve the quality of their written assignments and achieve higher grades.

An HKUSpace student -- aged 19 -- is studying foundation courses, with the goal of eventually becoming a qualified nurse.

I meet her face-to-face for 2 hours each week -- to discuss her written assessments. I suggest edits and improvements. I also provide daily support to her via WhatsApp -- answering all of her language related questions promptly.

Her English is weak. She achieved 3 in her HKDSE exams last year.

She now studies very seriously.

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(學生三/Student 3)

Active pragmatism = finding sensible, practical solutions to challenges + 'slightly' breaking the rules

"You always have my back. It gives me great confidence. I share a little less than 5% of my salary with you. It is my best investment ever."


A verbal message received recently from a quite senior Marketing Manager, working in the fields of eCommerce -- Performance -- Digital Marketing -- and more

The individual is expert at their job. They love and need their high salary. However, their international company communicates using English and they are slightly dyslexic. Their spoken English is adequate for their position. Their written English is much too weak.

At the job interview, the department head smiled and told them to 'get help' with their English -- but to keep it absolutely confidential.

I have worked with them for 4+ years. I have met them face-to-face only 5 times.

Each day they send draft messages, emails, reports, presentations, campaign plans, etc. to me. I ask questions for clarification and then rewrite each item in standard, appropriate English.

Each month end, we agree on how much time I have used for their work and they drop the payment into my account.

The department head is very happy and satisfied.

The client is absolutely happy and satisfied.

Colleagues congratulate them on their written English!