General English, Interview English, English Phonics, English Literature

Tutor ID9018
Gender Female
Age 26-30 Years
Job TypePart time job only
SpecializePrimary students,Secondary students
Location Tseung Kwan O
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Self Introduction

My name is Tayyaba Alizey. I graduated from the Bachelor of Education (English Language) program with First Class Honors at the Education University of Hong Kong, and went on to pursue MSc in Education specializing in Higher Education at the University of Oxford. I have ample experience in teaching Language and Non-Language arts in over a dozen primary and secondary schools. Through my experience, I have developed a philosophy of teaching that includes, among others, the ideas that acquiring knowledge should not be limited to schools only. However, there is no doubt that schools are modeled to enhance learning opportunities; they form a platform where students can formally learn and exchange knowledge with the guidance of a teacher. As an educator, I recognize and accept the fact that every student is unique and can pave his or her own way to reach the same destination. Hence, I am highly in favor of student-centered learning approach that could be achieved through task-based learning as it could cater for learning diversity in class, encourage interaction and critical thinking, and enable students to have a sense of achievement.