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Age 19-25 Years
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Self Introduction

I am currently studying Global MSc in Management at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) ( In 2019, I graduated with a First-Class Honours (top 5% of graduating year) in English Language and Literature in Hong Kong Baptist University, with a focus on Literary and Comparative Studies. I achieved outstanding academic results and received President’s Honour Roll in three consecutive years. In 2015, I also achieved Straight 5** in HKDSE English Language (Reading 5**, Writing 5**, Listening and Integrated Skills 5**, Speaking 5**).

Since 2015, I have been teaching IB English Literature and IGCSE English Literature to students from CIS, HKIS and SIS. I am very experienced and confident in teaching the IB English Literature syllabus as I understand the common difficulties and frustrations that many students from international schools face during the course of their studies. Students normally have trouble analysing literary texts accurately and critically, especially in unseen literary commentaries. Very often, they misinterpret literary texts, fail to understand the deeper meanings in texts and produce weak and inaccurate analysis that is not supported by the texts. They may also have difficulties in articulating their arguments coherently and convincingly in the form of an essay. For some students, they lack relevant knowledge and sufficient exposure on literary concepts and topics. As a result, they struggle in understanding their school’s set texts and do not perform well in their school exams.

For the past 5 years, I am proud to say that I have trained my students in acquiring a good “sense” in literary analysis and in gaining a solid foundation in literature and writing. During class, I have helped my students with their course work and school exams, while continuously building their skills and confidence in doing literary analysis. With my guidance and support, some of my Year 10 and Year 11 students from CIS and SIS improved their English grades drastically, from C to A, over the span of one year. All of my IB final year students achieved level 6/ level 7 in English Literature. Literature is a difficult subject to master. However, if you are willing to put in effort, hard work and dedication, you will be able to improve and excel in literature nonetheless!

本人現正就讀於倫敦政治經濟學院(LSE),修讀環球工商管理碩士。本人於2019年在香港浸會大學英國語言及文學系以一級榮譽 (First-Class Honours) 畢業,在四年主修英文期間成績卓越,屢次獲得英文學系頒發的校長榮譽榜 (President's Honour Roll)。另外,本人在2015年的文憑試 (HKDSE) 中考獲英文科全卷 5** 的佳績 (Reading 5**, Writing 5**, Listening and Integrated Skills 5**, Speaking 5**)。

本人有多於五年教授 IB 和 IGCSE 英國文學科的經驗,在這段期間接觸和幫助了就讀漢基、香港國際學校和新加坡國際學校的學生,對於教授 IB 英國文學科有豐富的經驗、信心和能力。我很熟悉該科的課程要求、考核重點和教學方法,也很了解學生在英國文學科上遇到的困難和問題。很多時候,學生不明白文章的深層意思和不懂怎樣正確地分析文學作品。他們也不太掌握寫作文學評論的方法和技巧。另外,很多學生對於文學概念和題材欠缺足夠的認識。因此,他們在校內考試中一般很難取得好的成績。

在過去的五年,通過向學生解釋較難掌握的概念、知識和寫作技巧,和針對他們自身的問題並提出改善方法,我成功提升了他們的文學分析和鑑賞能力,讓他們有信心地應付校內的功課和考試。在我的教導下,不少 Year 10 and Year 11 的漢基學生和新加坡國際學校的學生有很大的進步,在一年時間內 從 C grade 進步到 A grade。我所有的學生在 最後 IB 英國文學考試中都考獲了 Level 6/ Level 7 的隹績,實屬難得。老師的指導固然重要,但學生的努力和上進心也是不可或缺的。文學是一科比較難掌握的科目。但是,如果你肯勤奮用功,付出時間和努力,你一定可以在英國文學科上取得更好的成績!