General English, English Literature

Tutor ID9852
Nationality British
Gender Male
Age 19-25 Years
Job TypePart time job only
SpecializeKindergarten students,Primary students
Location Mongkok
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Self Introduction

*  沙田神校(小學)全職外教


Hello my name is Jack and I am a native English speaker living in Hong Kong. I come from the North East of England. I have a bachelors degree in Law from the University of Durham and an A-level in Spanish. The reason I mention my A-level in Spanish is because it speaks to my keen interest in learning languages. Also, it means I can reason with the difficulties each student faces when learning a new language. I have had numerous experiences of teaching in primary schools and educational foundations in both Hong Kong and the U.K over the past 18 months. With my current position being held at *** Primary School. These experiences have given me the skill set to teach topics general English, creative writing, reading comprehension, listening and speaking activities and even P6 interview training. I have taught students from ages 4-12. Therefore, I understand the different techniques needed to support students of different ages. I commit myself to taking each student differently and with that, requires a certain level of adaptability to accommodate their unique needs. To all of my potential students, I know that we will have fun learning English together and I wish to see you very soon.