Q1: How can I get a better chance of getting a tutoring job?

Clients think tutors teaching experience is very important. Therefore, it is an obvious advantage if you can clearly demonstrate your tutoring and experience in your tutor profile and resume. Please take some time to write a detailed tutor profile and resume.

請把上門補習經驗說得仔細一點, 如沒有太多上門補習 經驗, 則你要在學歷上, 性格上, 對補習教學工作熱愛程度上,多說一點

Q2: I have sent in applications for several times but have not yet got any response. Does it mean my qualification and experience are too poor to be considered?

No, please do not think so. Different clients have different requirements and personal preferences. There may be nothing to do with a tutor’s qualification and experience in this case. If we find you are active in applying for jobs here, we will give you priority over other candidates and will introduce you to the potential clients first. However, it is up to the client to decide on the right candidate at the end. Besides, a short online video/audio introduction will also help you get a tutoring job.

Q3: Can I ask for travelling allowance from the client because I live quite far away?

Yes, tutors can do so. We will try to negotiate with the client if the travelling cost and time are significant.

除非補習地點太遠, 交通超過一小時, 否則補習客人一般都不會額外給與車津

Q4: How much do other native teachers charge?


Purpose Tutoring rate Remark
English Tutor $300 - $700 Please indicate your accepted tuition rate when applying for tutoring job. Please be practical and ask for a tuition rate which matches with your experience and qualification.
Mandarin tutor $300 - $450 We have Mandarin tutor who can teach with English as the medium of instruction.
French tutor $350 - $500  
German Tutor $350 - $500  
Korean tutor $300 - $400 Many teenagers in Hong Kong like learning Korean
Japanese tutor $300 - $400  
Spanish tutor $350 - $500 Spanish tutoring is hot
Italian tutor $350 - $500  
Russian tutor $300 - $450  
Thai tutor $250 - $400