About Us



1. 外籍老師英語中介, 及其它外籍老師

2. 國際學校申請一條龍, 包括評估 (可以安排不同國際學校的老師 來做), 安排合適的老師 補習,跟進申請事宜,和校方聯繫,陪同出席學校的面試或會議,充當翻譯

3. 拍攝 學校申請自我介紹短片 (師父有30多年經驗,外籍人士)

4. 海外大學介紹,申請

5. 商業文件校對,日常工作英語更錯,如email,計劃書,合同



We offer 

1. Agency service of native English teachers , and teachers of other languages

2. International school application, assessment, strategy planning, arrange tutors to improve the performance in different subjects, fill in different forms and liase with schools, accompany parents to the schools and be interpreters

3. Video taking for introduction which is used for school application 

4. Oversas unversity application 

5. Business document proofreading , correcting workplace correspondences such as email,proprosal, contract